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Banyan Camp


Banyan Camp is an off the grid, eco-retreat in deep rural Sri Lanka. Boasting a secluded  lake front location, it is a true retreat into nature which has not been rearranged by the hands of man.

Everything from the scavenged doors and windows to driftwood furniture, re-used bottles, re-invented trucks, and even the local food fare is a practice in the delicate art of simplicity. Oil lamps and lanterns provide a warm glow in place of electricity with solar power to recharge electronics.

Banyan Camp lives true to the philosophy ‘less is more’ and through it, offers an experience that is fun, fascinating and inspiring.

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The Rooms

Banyan Lodge is the heart and soul of Banyan Camp. It sleeps up to six people in two rooms and is a great space for friends.

Champagne Lodge and Wine Lodge both sleeps up to four on two floors. With ensuite bathrooms they are ideal for couples and families. As the names imply, liberal use of champagne and wine bottles are a feature in each lodge.

Mercedes Lodge is your dream on wheels. An old truck converted into a bedroom, this is as unique as a hotel room gets. It sleeps two and has an ensuite bathroom.

What’s to do

Wildlife watching is the obvious choice. Temples and historical sites also dot the vicinity while mountains, rivers, waterfalls, fields and plains come together to create a natural backdrop that is unspoiled and fascinating. Visitors can choose from a host of popular tourist activities or travel off the beaten path.

Elephant safari to neighbouring Udawalawe National Park, teeming with elephants and riots of mammals and birdlife, is always a winner.

A bit further out are Yala National Park or Lunugamvehera National Park, both with a high density of leopard among other abundant wildlife.

Canoeing in the Hambegamuwa Lake is highly recommended and comes with the promise of spectacular sunsets, elephant sightings, abundant birdlife and fishing.

Day trips with lunch and refreshments can be organised to secluded waterfalls and rivers.

Or you may choose to wake up late, eat when you like, read a book under a banyan tree and sleep more. Banyan Camp is that kind of place.


Banyan Camp is set on the banks of Lake Hambegamuwa, and within close proximity to the Udawalawe National Park.

The drive from the airport is a long 5 hour one, cutting through the lower half of the island. The reward for the journey is a slice of unperturbed nature and an experience like no other.

The location also gives easy accessibility to Ella Gap (1.5 hours north) and the beautiful south coast towns of Tanglle and beyond (1.5 hours south).

Out for the evening

The area around Banyan Camp is sparsely populated, rugged country. The closest neighbours are birds, butterflies, elephants, buffalo and so on. Sit back and indulge in the serenity of the great outdoors around a bonfire set up by the camp staff.

Food & Drink

The staff of Banyan Camp is geared to offer unobtrusive assistance in preparation of food, and carrying out housekeeping functions that offer you creature comforts that preserve the luxury of being on holiday. Expect to dine on simple local fare, that is delicious and wholesome. Whether you choose to dine under the star lit night sky around the bonfire or a candle lit experience on a raft in the middle of the lake, the memories will live on.


The lack of a pool will hardly be noticed when there is a lake outside your door and a waterfall a short walk away. Swim, canoe, climb trees and let nature nurture you.


Banyan Camp is a special place for anyone but kids of all ages are likely to embrace and delight in the jungle living experience.

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